What Can You Do With Air-Trekkers?

What Can You Do With Air-Trekkers?


The patent states that Air-Trekkers were invented as “a device for facilitating the locomotion of a person.”   Current users testify that “Anyone Can Get Big Air, Really Big Air, Anywhere!”  If Big Air is what you want, Air-Trekkers deliver!  In no time at all you can jump 7 feet in the air with little effort.  You will be able to run almost 20 mph with little effort.  Slam dunk a basketball easily!   With adrenaline flooding every vein of your body, you are instantly transformed into a Super Human, with Super Hero abilities!  “It’s indescribable – it just has to be felt!”   

You can develop and fine tune all your skateboard, wake & snow boarding skills with Air-Trekkers.  Become comfortable getting Big Air in your backyard if you want.  You don’t need a park, lake or mtn. to tune your skills.  Develop the body awareness and coordination required for all extreme sports while hanging out in the stratosphere near your home.  Heel kicks, spreads, flips of all kinds are possible.  The sky, your imagination and the size of your cahoonas are your only limits.  But be careful – Please!


You don’t need a club membership.  You don’t need the expensive equipment hiding in the closest, under the bed or on a rack in the garage.  You don’t need to run in the street for miles and for hours.  Etc.etc.  BORING!!!  Air-trekkers provide excellent cardiovascular training and full body muscle toning/development in a fraction of the time.  To busy to get in shape?  10 to 15 minutes, a few times a week of Air-Trekking and you’ll feel like entering the Olympics! 

  • Build incredible leg strength and tone.   (Great for any sport.)
  • Strengthen all your body’s CORE muscles.  Develop a great butt!
  • Build a strong heart and great endurance.
  • Loose fat and tone up your whole body.  
  • Burn more calories, quicker than running, with no stress fractures or shin splints.

The September 07 issue of “Shape” magazine states, “Plyometric moves like jumping aren’t just good for your bones; they may help you live longer.  Women who did exercises like stepping, running or jumping for 40 minutes three times a week for a year decreased their LDL (bad) cholesterol by 7%.” So start jumping today!