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Alpine Innovations LLC

Located in Bend, OR, Alpine Innovations LLC has been awarded the distribution rights for a hot, new extreme sport product called “AIR-TREKKERS” and has unveiled a highly creative marketing campaign to launch the product in the U.S. to extreme sports enthusiasts.

From the Founder, Gary Armstrong:
“When I first saw kids in the UK running down the street at speeds of 20 mph and jumping over cars, I knew American kids would love this sport. Today’s action sports scene is all about getting Big Air, and with AIR-TREKKERS anyone can get Big Air.”

More About Air-Trekkers:
Skateboarders, roller bladers, BMX riders, surfers, and other extreme sport participants who crave the “Big Air” feeling will love the adrenaline rush that AIR-TREKKERS will give them.

Armstrong is marketing AIR-TREKKERS for many reasons but the main one is to, “get kids outdoors again.”   The use of Jumping stilts is ideal for developing coordination, agility, balance and motor skills along with a great workout.

How high can you fligh?

It’s pretty much up to you. Actually, with AIR-TREKKERS you can jump up to eight feet, dunk a basketball, run over 20 mph, do flips and stunts, or just bounce to your heart’s content. AIR-TREKKERS will allow you to practice all your skateboard, wakeboard, snowboard and BMX tricks right in your own backyard. Even better, AIR-TREKKERS provide a great cardiovascular and full body strength-training workout in short order. So they’re great for everyone.

AIR-TREKKERS are spring-loaded stilts that safely strap to each leg. Once strapped on, you stand 18” taller on the space age, carbon fiber spring that is ready to provide Big Air. It works by means of compression and deflection, similar to a trampoline. The spring accumulates, stores, and returns the amount of energy you put into it. The harder you press the more energy you accumulate and the higher and farther you go.

“It’s incredible what kids in Europe are doing on these things. The sky really is the limit. Adults who are bored with traditional exercising seem to like the thrill of the workout too.” - Armstrong.

With extreme sport participation on a meteoric rise in popularity, and the need for Big Air being the center-point of most extreme sport events, the U.S. is taking notice of this European product

Today’s kids and young adults are not into running, or spending time in gyms like their parents were. They want exercise with thrills attached. They want attention; they want adrenaline. AIR-TREKKERS delivers!