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Originally invented and patented by German engineer Alexander Boeck, Air-Trekkers are spring-loaded stilts that you safely strap onto each leg.

Once strapped on, you stand 20" taller, with 3 foot long, space-age, carbon fiberglass springs attached to your legs, ready to send you into the air.  By means of compression and deflection, similar to a trampoline or pogo stick, the spring accumulates, stores and returns the amount of energy you put into it. The harder you press down - the more energy you accumulate - the bigger the return.

Jumping stilts allow you to take your favorite jumping, big air, or parkour activities, and crank them up! The Air-Trekkers' ™ is proud to offer you the finest, patent protected, jumping stilts, at importer-direct prices. If you have questions, we have experts who will help.

The Air-Trekkers brand of jumping stilts is the oldest and best selling brand of jumping stilts in the USA.  Through 13 years of USA distribution, Alpine learned what features professional entertainers and customers like you wanted upgraded and changed.   Air-Trekkers listened and has evolved into a ‘ONE OF A KIND MODEL’ jumping stilt.   We redesigned the leg attachment with a 4” wide padded calf cuff to maximize comfort, safety and ease of use.   We even doubled the width of our bindings for extra safety and security.

The Air-Trekker brand has been a trusted supplier many USA entertainment companies including Disney, Universal, Six Flags, Busch Gardens, Cirque De Soleil to name just a few. 


The patent states that Air-Trekkers were invented as “a device for facilitating the locomotion of a person.”   Current users testify that “Anyone Can Get Big Air, Really Big Air, Anywhere!”  If Big Air is what you want, Air-Trekkers deliver!  In no time at all you can jump 7 feet in the air with little effort.  You will be able to run almost 20 mph with little effort.  Slam dunk a basketball easily!   With adrenaline flooding every vein of your body, you are instantly transformed into a Super Human, with Super Hero abilities!  “It’s indescribable – it just has to be felt!”

You can develop and fine tune all your skateboard, wake & snow boarding skills with Air-Trekkers.  Become comfortable getting Big Air in your backyard if you want.  You don’t need a park, lake or mtn. to tune your skills.  Develop the body awareness and coordination required for all extreme sports while hanging out in the stratosphere near your home.  Heel kicks, spreads, flips of all kinds are possible.  The sky, your imagination and the size of your cahoonas are your only limits.  But be careful – Please!


You don’t need a club membership.  You don’t need the expensive equipment hiding in the closest, under the bed or on a rack in the garage.  You don’t need to run in the street for miles and for hours.  Etc.etc.  BORING!!!  Air-trekkers provide excellent cardiovascular training and full body muscle toning/development in a fraction of the time.  To busy to get in shape?  10 to 15 minutes, a few times a week of Air-Trekking and you’ll feel like entering the Olympics! 

- Build incredible leg strength and tone. (Great for any sport.)
- Strengthen all your body’s CORE muscles.
- Develop a great butt!
- Build a strong heart and great endurance.
- Loose fat and tone up your whole body.
- Burn more calories, quicker than running, with no stress fractures or shin splints.

The September  07 issue of “Shape” magazine states, “Plyometric moves like jumping aren’t just good for your bones; they may help you live longer.  Women who did exercises like stepping, running or jumping for 40 minutes three times a week for a year decreased their LDL (bad) cholesterol by 7%.” So start jumping today!

With Air-Trekkers, one size DOES NOT FIT ALL. Your weight, age and cahoonas determine what model and spring strength to purchase.  VIP: Buy the size (L,M,S) in you current weight category!  Our stilts bend super easy, yet shoot you up with power and speed. For Example: If your weight is 142 pounds you should buy the smalls. If your weight is 175
pounds you should buy the mediums. We recommend starting in your weight category, its more fun, and then you can buy bigger springs later, if needed.

It's very easy. Simply follow our guide manual included with the product and our instruction videos that follow a purchase. You can be very comfortable walking, light jogging, and bouncing within an hour. Most athletic people are very confident by the third or fourth time they wear their Air-Trekkers. Our videos demonstrate what you can do on ATs with some regular practice! You don't have to go extreme to enjoy the benefits from your ATs. Brisk walking, jogging, and bouncing are fun, aerobic, and an exceptional overall body workout. “Jumping” as an exercise is scientifically proven to be more effective and efficient than running. Even NASA backs this up! Consistent use of Air-Trekkers is one of the easiest, quickest and most fun means to develop strong legs, strong bones, and a healthy heart!

Anything can be dangerous if used improperly. Air-Trekkers are not toys, take them seriously! Please take the time to learn how to fit and properly use your jumping stilts. Step by step you WILL become more confident. When used correctly, Air-Trekkers are no more dangerous than riding a bike. After 13 years of global distribution we can honestly say jumping stilts LOOK much more dangerous than they actually are.  To insure your safety, we insist you put on all safety gear before using your Air-Trekkers ...including but not limited to helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards. (All purchases come with elbow and wrist protection pads.)  By purchasing or using Air-Trekkers, you accept full responsibility for any and all injury and will not hold Alpine Innovations, LLC responsible. You also agree to be 18 years of age or have consent of an adult to purchase or use Air-Trekkers.

Shipping Policy

Alpine ships the Air-Trekkers packages (35x11x16) from Oregon, USA via UPS ground.  

With UPS ground shipping, we provide 2/3-day delivery to the West Coast, and 6/7-day delivery to the East Coast.

It generally takes 24hrs to process most orders. 48hrs+ for bulk or specialty orders.

We ship to the lower 48 states in the USA only, at the moment.


Air-Trekkers' warranty is straightforward and simple: A one year warranty, (from the date of purchase), for the original purchaser, against defective parts, with the exception of the foot pads. The warranty does not cover any problem that is caused by conditions, malfunctions, or damage not resulting from defects or workmanship. Damage caused by natural wear and tear, as well as damage due to improper use is excluded from the warranty. These conditions may include, but are not limited to, road hazards, accidents, or improper operation or maintenance.  

All parts claims must be submitted within the warranty period, promptly after discovery of the defective part. Please describe the defective part, along with several photos of the described part, and refer to the date and proof of purchase.  If your product is defective, please contact our customer service department. 

All part claims must be submitted to:  

Alpine Innovations, LLC
Attn: Claims Department
17840 Cascade Estates Drive
Bend, OR 97703