CZ Model
CZ Model
CZ Model
CZ Model

CZ Model

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Run over 20 miles per hour. Jump up to 10 feet high.

ALERT! Brand New Hard to find, high-end, CZ performance units at close out prices.

These jumping stilts are super light, and very responsive. Perfect for light weight users.

The units are brand new, and in perfect condition!  

Hurry we only have a few left in stock at these prices, then they become priceless.  

    Should I buy for my current weight if I am still growing? Can I still do tricks if I go one size up?

    You should get the one for your weight limit. You should be able to do tricks because the medium and large have heavier rated springs.

    Are Air-Trekker jumping stilts dangerous? 
    Anything can be dangerous if used improperly. Air-Trekkers are not toys, take them seriously! So long as you're careful and don't get too cocky, they aren't any more dangerous than a bike or skateboard. - Kieran (customer)

    How easy is it to get started?
    It's very easy! All packages come with a Starting Guide for anyone new learners. We also provide video tutorials.

    What is the Air-Trekker Warranty?
    One year warranty, against defective parts, with the exception of the foot pads. Read more